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5 Simple Steps in Writing Amazing Content

How does one write amazing content? Well, we all have different definitions of what “amazing” is, but for me, amazing content is something that is relevant, helpful, and interesting.

Today, we will be talking about how you can write content that possesses these three qualities. The following are the essential steps in writing amazing content.

Step #1: Research

Research is king! It is something that you should do nonstop if you also want to write amazing content all the time. Some writers research only when they need to write something. However, when you research for the love of new knowledge, it opens the door to more ideas and topics that you can write about.

Constant researching also allows you to outline your ideas for multiple drafts. It will be then easier to finish your drafts because all you would need to do is to expound on your ideas!

Step #2: Unique voice

For you to be remembered by your readers, you must write using your own unique voice. Every famous author today are famous for a reason. However, it does not mean that if you copy their style, you are going to be as famous as them. Amazing content entails uniqueness. Your content must be able to set you apart from all the other authors in your genre.

Step #3: Have an angle and focus on one subject

Each piece of content must be focused on something specific. Whether you are writing an ebook or online content, having an angle and focusing on one subject helps your work become more searchable. Millions of users go online everyday to enter queries in various search engines. Once they hit that search button, the search engine crawls though every content related to that search. By maintaining focus on each of your content, they will  be more likely to pop up in the  top search results.

Step #4: Create a good impression

The way to create a good impression is to write an amazing first paragraph (or introduction) because it is, after all, the first thing that people will read. You must be able to spike the reader’s interest with your first paragraph, so that they would want to continue to read the whole thing.

Step #5: Edit

As writers, we have all come to a realization that amazing writing rarely happens in the first draft. It is, however, often a great way to figure out how you are going to translate your ideas into words. Our first drafts are often badly written, no matter how good of a writer we may think we are.

Editing is the most important stage of writing amazing content. Put extra effort on editing and take your time, even if this stage has to take more than five rounds. Edit and review your work as much as you can because it is through these that you can be able to write content that will be worth your readers’ time!

Writing amazing content is easy, but it does take time, especially when it’s time to polish your work to perfection (or close).

Do you have any more suggestions on how to write amazing content? Feel free to share your ideas!

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