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Promote your book online like a Pro: 5 Tips to Online Book Promotion!

Everyone wants their work to reach the audience as far as possible and be recognized, and it’s not easy as counting one to three. But you, an online writer, might be just new to the job, hence missing out a lot of possibilities and chances to make your books a hit on the internet. Well, you don’t need to worry about that since we have listed seven tips on how to promote your books online! Who knows, just by following these, you would be the next bestselling author!

  1. Social Media.

Social media is essential in today’s life: everywhere you go, you can always see people surfing the internet, connecting with people or just browsing casually while waiting for someone. So, by engaging yourself in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, by promoting your book in your respective social media pages, you can raise that audience level tenfold!

Creating your own social media pages can also get you connected with your audience, get their attention and reviews about your written content.

  1. Invest in eye-catching matters.

Writing a book is good, but promoting it is different otherwise. No matter how good your book is, without advertising or promotion, it’s as good as rotting on your shelves. This is why you should invest in eye-catching matters such as covers. Covers are one way that attracts readers, therefore you should gamble in a cover that could turn heads. But don’t overdo it! Putting a lot on your cover could potentially lose it’s essence. Less is better, but make sure to add elements that would pop and catch your readers’ interest.

  1. Have your own blog/site.

Another way to market your book online is to have your own blog or website. One thing that is essential about it is that you can let your readers engage with you on your own site. So, as early as today, establish your online presence. This way, you’ll have insights as to what your readers or audience want, or a way to get ideas from them so you can turn those pieces into majestic forms of art.

  1. Get reviews for your book.

One way to promote your book is to get reviews for it. Offering your readers’ a chance to give feedback about your book is a way to get their attention, and even their insights about your book! You can easily do it by setting it on your website or even just in your social media pages! 

  1. Don’t hesitate to approach professionals.

Yes, you shouldn’t, for they are professionals for a reason. They know what to do with your book, and have experience in reviewing, proofreading, promoting it online, etc. It will greatly help you to reach your desired audience, and much more. So try it!

“If there’s a will, there’s a way” is a saying we often hear which is true. There are thousands of ways of promoting your book in this very modern day, but by following the simple steps above to promote your books online can open those doors for more opportunities.

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