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6 best books to make you feel that love is in the air!

It’s almost time to fall in love, for Valentines’ Day is right around the corner! Chocolate,flowers and love is already in the air. What better way to spend that time than to indulge in various books that will surely lift your inner cupids! 

Be it for your own leisure, or a gift for your loved one, we have listed hot novels for you to enjoy during this festive season of hearts! Get ready to fall in love, and maybe relate to the stories that we listed.

  1. You Deserve Each Other

When your nemesis turns out to be your fiance, your journey to having a happily ever after will surely become full of complications, chaos… and surprisingly fun? Well, that’s the case of our couple Naomi Westfield and Nicholas Rose. They are what you can call a “Perfect Couple”. A couple that’s gonna have a marvelous and luxurious wedding in three short months…But they are completely, absolutely, miserably sick of each other. 

Full of snarky counterarguments and funny banters, this debut novel of Sarah Hogle will surely keep you entertained! To read what’s gonna happen to the two, check out the novel here!

  1. The Unhoneymooners

Ever felt unlucky all the time? If so, you can surely relate to Olive Torres. Olive feels like she forgot to go outside when the heavens above showered luck for mishaps continuously happening in her life. Her twin, Ami, on the other hand, must have brought barrels during that time for she’s very lucky that she even managed to have a free wedding just by winning a bunch of contests. You think that’s the end of that? Unfortunately for Olive, the worst thing that could happen than her constant bad luck was having to spend the whole wedding day with Ethan Thomas, the best man a.k.a her nemesis.

But everything changed when a sudden food poisoning happened, and like fate, only Olive and Ethan are unharmed. Olive will be damned if Ethan gets to enjoy this paradise by himself, so the two made a truce as they headed for Maui. The two end up pretending to be newlyweds just to secure that 10-day paradise!

This is a unique and hilarious romance that’s perfect for everyone who feels unlucky in terms of love. Fall in love, laugh out loud and enjoy the story of Olive and Ethan with this novel. To find out how the two will work together, check out the novel now from the link here!

  1. Love Hypothesis

Do you believe in the science of love? Well, if not, then with this novel, maybe you will! Ali Hazelwood’s novel, Love Hypothesis, follows the story of Olive Smith, a third-year Ph.D Candidate, who doesn’t believe in romantic relationships. BUT! Olive’s best friend does, which leads us to this equation. Kissing none other than Adam Carlsen, Stanford’s reigning lab tyrant, just to convince her friend that she’s dating. Luckily for her, Adam agrees to keep this lie. But, as the “experiment” goes, Olive discovers that what’s more complicated in this experiment called “love” is putting your own heart at risk. 

Intriguing? Then you should grab a copy of the novel from this link!

  1. These Violent Delights

Are you a fan of Romeo and Juliet? What if I tell you that there’s a retelling of this tale… and it involves guns, gangs and crime? This is the story of These Violent Delights, set in a Chinese crime underworld setting. A feud broke out between two gangs, leaving the city helpless in the red hands of chaos. The center of it is the eighteen-year-old Juliette Cai, a former flapper that returned to take over as the heir of the Scarlet Gang. Scarlet Gang is a widely known network of criminals that’s far above the law. The Scarlet’s one and only rival in terms of power are the White Flowers, where behind their every move is the heir, Roma Montagove, who is coincidentally, Juliette’s first love… and heartbreak.

But the two must set aside their grudges and feud, to work together, in order to defeat the madness in the shadows, or else there would be no city left to be ruled! Read more of this interesting novel here!

  1.  Dream On

What if the man of your dreams suddenly comes to life? This is what the law student Cass Walker has to go through after surviving a car accident. She is flooded with memories of her boyfriend, Devin. The only problem? Devin doesn’t exist. Yet to her, everything felt real, but even when she knows he’s only made up, she still can’t get him out of her head. 

Cue the real Devin. Coffee brown eyes, a texture of his favorite scarf, and even the slightly-crooked angle of his little finger. Oh, he exists. The surprising part? This Devin believes her story, and the two soon embrace a real-life relationship. Cass couldn’t hope more. Her life was perfect.

Dream on is written by the beloved author of Shipped, Angie Hockman. This novel is surely a fantastical and magical romance that makes us wonder what would happen if our ideal someone surely comes to life. Check out the novel here and secure your own ideal dream lover!

  1. Once Upon a Broken Heart

Do you believe in happily ever afters? Evangeline Fox did too, until she learnt that the love of her life will not marry her, rather, it was another woman. Broken heart, she made a rash decision to stop the wedding by making a deal with the wicked yet charismatic Prince of Hearts. The said prince accepts her deal in exchange for three kisses, which is to be given at the time and place of his liking. Evangeline accepts, desperation took over, but after the first kiss, she learnt that dealing with the wicked and immortal Prince of Hearts is dangerous, and that the said Prince wants more from her.

Follow this wicked, dangerous and enticing romance novel! Get your own copy from the link here!

 Tis’ the season to fall in love, so grab your own reading materials and get hit with Cupid’s love arrow as you enjoy these novels! To check for other romance books, you might wanna redirect to our romance section here

Happy Valentines’ Day everyone! 

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