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8 mouth-watering cookbooks to spice up your Christmas dinner table!

The holiday season is coming soon, and one tradition that’s been in our household, wherever you are, is preparing a table full of delicious food to warm our bellies during this cold season, right? What one way to upgrade your Christmas dinner table other than to check out the most renowned chefs, pastry chefs, and cooks for all of the home cooks out there. 

Become a master chef by checking out these lovely and mouth-watering recipe books we have listed! Surprise your loved ones, and even yourself by following these techniques our lovely chefs have written in their own books.

  1. Cook This Book

Molly Baz, a New York Times’ Bestseller, lays out the foundation everyone needs to become a better cook in this cookbook. It’s filled with delicious recipes, and for a more in-depth tutorial for every recipe listed, the book also includes QR codes that will surely help you in making those mouth-watering meals!

This cookbook is best for people who are learning to cook or even just people who love to know more about the majestic art of cooking. 

Interested? Check out this link for more information about this wonderful cookbook by Molly!

  1. Nadiya Bakes

Nadiya’s Bakes is a book written by Nadiya Hussain, is a British-Bangladeshi TV chef, author and television presenter who rose to fame after winning the sixth series of BBC’s The Great British Bake Off in 2015. This is a must for the fans of The Great British Baking Show, and also for pastry enthusiasts! Nadiya’s new cookbook teaches everyone who is into the art of baking with it’s appetizing recipes for different kinds of sweets and treats that’s perfect for this holiday season. 

Find out more about this book of sweets from our website! Click here to find out!

  1. Cooking at Home

This one is a bit different from what you expect from a cookbook, for David Chang and Priya Krishna’s Cooking at Home offers a solid foundation for cooking BUT wants you to be the master of your own kitchen. Forgetting the basics of measuring stuff just to get a recipe right and create a delicious treat in your own taste and preferences! Surprise yourself, and you might just become iconic in the eyes of your family, or friends during this Christmas feast!

Find out how to be the master of your own kitchen by checking out the link from our website!

  1. Sheet Cake

Abigail Johnson Dodge’s recipe book entitled “Sheet Cake” talks beautifully about the art of making everyday pastries. Like how Christmas isn’t truly about the elaborative display of Christmas trees and decorations, nor the huge amount of gifts that you’ll get to receive, it’s about the everyday sweets and treats we share. This cookbook is fully-packed with different recipes ranging from a simple gingerbread cake to a caramel pretzel cake!

Find out how to, using this cookbook which you can check out from our link!

  1. Cookies

Guess who likes milk and cookies during this festive season? It’s no other than Santa Claus! How about surprising him with these new and inventive cookie recipes from Jesse Szewcyzk’s pastry cookbook entitled “Cookies”. But, but but! If you think this is an ordinary recipe book for good old chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies, you are wrong! This book will surprise you with innovative recipes such as Blueberry muffin sugar cookies!

Want to uncover more and surprise our dear old Santa Claus? Find out by checking out the book from our site!

  1. To Asia, with Love: Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories from the Heart

Growing up in a home filled with the aroma of her Chinese mother’s cooking, over the years, cooking became essential for the bestselling author Hetty McKinnon. Now, she has made a cookbook filled with the touch of Asia. For people who want to try these foods, or for those Asians who missed their country’s cooking, her book entitled To Asia, with Love: Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories from the Heart will tug your hearts and bellies for sure.

Listed in this book are recipes on how to make your own kimchi, or just simple dumplings. You’ll eventually learn everything you need about Asian cooking here! The spices they use, the wonders of their staple food, rice, everything is listed under one cookbook.

Want to find out more about Asian cooking? Check out the book here!

  1. Lidia’s a Pot, a Pan and a Bowl

Moving on from the Asian side to the Eastern side of the globe with this Italian dishes-filled cookbook by Lidia Bastianich. Her cookbook has a collection of her favorite Italian dishes you can recreate for a setting where you can get a delizioso! from your family members, or even friends. It’s highly recommended by lots of people!

Cook Italian food with Lidia now! Start it by checking the link from our site. 

  1. The way of Cocktail

Another great way to spend Christmas with your family and friends is to bring out the big guns, and by means of cocktails. The Japanese-American bartender Julia Momose’s The Way of Cocktail surely has a lot of knowledge about the art of Japanese cocktail culture, which enthusiasts would love to dive into. You can even learn the techniques, tools and everything about this culture which is accompanied by delicate art.

Indulge yourself in the art of Japanese cocktail culture, and recreate it in the comforts of your own homes by checking out the book from our site.

The list sure got me mouth-watering! Did you guys feel that too? It makes you wanna grab a book and start whipping up those recipes, am I right? Well, what are you waiting for? Check out these lovely masterpieces by our lovely chefs and who knows, you might just become the star of the night.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your Christmas table, be sure to check out our cookbook section for lots of informational and visual-striking recipe books!

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