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A 10-Step Marketing Plan for your Self-Published eBook

Every good author must have good marketing skills too. When you’re an author, your book will be of no value if no one knows about it.

In this post, I have presented an effective 10-step marketing plan particularly for self-published eBooks. Check it out.

Step 1: Create a website

Having a website will give you a place in the World Wide Web. Creating one is easy as there are numerous platforms in which you can build a website for free, like WordPress for example. You can easily design your websites on various platforms by just uploading images and templates.

Step 2: Start up a blog

As an author, you would need to show your writing prowess to your audience for free to be able to convince them to give your eBook a shot. When you create a website, make sure that it also has a blog section. Through your blog, you can increase the traffic to your website and engage with your readers. Your blog will also be the perfect venue to update your readers with your eBook’s progress.

Step 3: Use pre-launch landing pages to start marketing your eBook

A landing page is a page on your website that has a single purpose: to generate sales. On your landing page, you can collect your future readers’ email addresses, so that you can send them updates on the progress of your eBook via email. You can also allow readers to pre-order your eBook through your pre-launch landing page, so that they can get first dibs on your eBook!

Step 4: Use Facebook Ads to be able to reach your target market

Given that you already have an author profile up on Facebook, what you need to do next is to spend a few bucks on Facebook Ads to be able to reach your targeted readers. A Facebook ad costs only about $0.50 per click and through this, you can target audiences by their demographic data, by the pages that they have likes, and many more. If you are serious about selling your book, it’s worth a shot.

Step 5: Send out automated mass emails to keep your future readers updated

Once you have collected the information about your target audience and gotten hold of their email addresses, you can build an email list to whom you will send updates, announcements, campaigns, and blog posts every time you post a new one. It’s a great way to engage your future readers and keep them interested with your upcoming eBook.

Step 6: Create a landing page for your eBook

Once your book has been published, you must create another landing page wherein you will present the benefits that readers will get from purchasing your book, your call to action, and your “buy now” button.

Step 7: Announce the launching of your eBook

There are many ways to announce the official launching of your eBook. You can use your blog to do so, you can write a press release, or guest post in other online publications that have the same niche as yours.

Step 8: Promote your eBook to your email contacts and on social media

After your eBook has been published, you must send a personalized announcement to your email list and on social media as well. However, to make your readers even more excited about your eBook’s release, you may also send an announcement before it is published, so that they would have to watch out for it! Remember, always include a link to your landing page.

Step 9: Create a review page

Reviews will encourage other potential readers to purchase your book. You can have your first few book reviews by asking your friends or family to give you some. There are also book review sites online wherein you would have to submit your book to have it reviewed.

Step 10: Offer exclusive promotions for your eBook

Lastly, you will have higher chances of generating sales if you spike your potential readers’ interest using exclusive promotions. For example, you can offer your book at $0 for a limited time or offer a freebie whenever someone purchases your eBook.

Whether your book succeeds or not, it really depends on how much effort you spend marketing it. What are you waiting for? Start plotting your book marketing plan today!

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