The Unhoneymooners

Meet Olive Torres.

She’s used to being the unlucky twins, as mishaps continuously happen in her life, like it was comically jinxed. Her twin, Ami, on the other hand, is the golden child, so golden and lucky that she managed to finance her whole wedding by winning a bunch of contests. Unfortunately for dear Olive, the worst thing that could happen than her constant bad luck was having to spend the whole wedding day with Ethan Thomas, the best man a.k.a her nemesis.

Determined to put on a brave face as  she braces herself for this hell of a ride, the entire wedding party gets food poisoned. The only unaffected people were her and Ethan, and suddenly there’s a free honeymoon?! Olive will be damned if Ethan gets to enjoy this paradise by himself, so the two made a truce as they headed for Maui.

But after ten days of paradise and pretending to be loving newlyweds, Olive finds herself comfortable in playing pretend.

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