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Do You Need a Website for Promoting Your Books?

In today’s very technological age, everything has already become digitalized. Information is now available at our fingertips as our mobile devices are now connected to the internet 24/7. Because of these changes, it is important to keep up with the times especially when it’s about marketing and promotion.

If you’re an author, it makes more sense for you to have a website for your books. Readers now connect with their favorite authors differently today. Having a site allows you to reach more potential readers.

Here are the reasons why you need a website for promoting your works:

  • Gives you credibility. Having a website boosts your credibility as an author. Today, many people now read reviews or research on products before making a purchase. This also includes books. Having your own website will allow potential readers to know more about the person behind the books and also a place to showcase all your written works.
  • It is cost-effective. Online marketing is a cost-effective way to market and promote your books. Unlike traditional marketing wherein you spend a ton of money, setting up your own website is only a fraction of the total cost. The amount of promotion that you can do on your site is more than the ones done traditionally. You also do not have to start with a big budget just to market your books. Just setup your site and you can already start your promotion.
  • A website reaches more audiences. With traditional promotional and marketing strategies, you can only reach a certain audience in a given area. If you’re doing TV commercials, it can be a state-wide or a national thing. The same goes for newspaper and radio. Having a website, you can already reach more people with a single promotion. You have more opportunities to reach a wider audience even from the opposite side of the world as long as they have access to the internet.
  • You can promote 24/7. The traditional ways of promotions cost a lot for a single block time. With a website, you can promote your books even when you’re sleeping so it’s working for you. There is no need to man and check it. You only have to put up your content regularly, use the right keywords, and make a funnel to get your readers to purchase your books.

Engage readers. If you have a website, you have a platform to engage and communicate with your readers. Strengthening your relationship with them is essential to promoting your books and creating a strong brand.

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