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Why write blogs for your website?

You are probably wondering why you have to awaken the writer in you; perhaps thinking why you need to have an article written to be placed in your website. Well, for sure, the very first thing that came into your mind was “Do I really have to?’ “Is it really important?”

The answer is a resounding, YES!

We have come up with reasons to let you know how important blogging is in creating a successful website. Now let us count the ways:

  1. It drives traffic. Obviously, you created a website to be known and to have an audience. How? By having visitors, the more visitors your website has the better chance of getting it on the map. And having a blog will help you create your audience, it also helps create traffic because every time you post a blog in your page it gets indexed and it allows Google and other search engines to determine that your website is active and should be checked regularly to see what you have published and what they should surface during search results.
    When your post gets indexed, it is an opportunity for it to show up in the search results and it also allows your page to be discovered in social media. Writing sensible topics that inspire your audience that when they love it so much they tend to share it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc., this is already free advertising and marketing for you.
  2. Blogs add value to your page. This is true, especially if you are writing tips, guides and DIYs. Blogs that give out things that can be useful to your visitors makes your website valuable. Also, it makes your website easier to promote, makes it social media friendly and instinctively making it more important to visitors and when they enjoy your content it will be easier for them to freely share it with friends in popular social networking sites.
  3. It keeps your audience engaged. If you have created a really good blog, it will attract more traffic; create a solid audience and followers. Possibly, high social value bloggers would get attracted to your website and create a mutually beneficial relationship and would eventually develop into an active community that is engaged with your content, it could even turn your page into an effective and profitable marketing platform.
  4. It makes you an expert. This is true especially if your website is selling products or services. It has been proven over time that consumers buy from experts and reputable sources. If you have blogs that give out expert advice relevant to what you are selling, this makes your buyers confident of the quality of the stuff they will be buying from you or recommended by you.
  5. It gives you long term results. Leads that are generated through your blogs are organic and create a relationship, it’s because they believed in your expert advice or your expert opinion. In short, you have earned their trust. Unlike in creating a lead through email blasting, once they received the email and visited your website, it was more out of curiosity and not because they were drawn to it because there is something useful in your website.
  6. It gives you influence over your customers. Writing articles and blogs that are useful to your visitors will let you gain a wide readership and popularity; this will give you bargaining power and leverage over advertisers.

Whatever your reason for creating a website, keep in  mind that you have to update it and keep it worthy to people because they will get something out of it. Writing sensible ideas allows you to create your niche in this cut-throat industry.

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