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Writing a book? Here are 5 steps on how to improve it!

You’ve dreamt of being a writer, and creating your own fantastic world, and like any other job, it’s never easy to write one that would click and hook your reader’s interest. But you don’t have to worry about a single thing for we’re here to help you improve your writing just by following these simple steps!

  1. Choose the genre you are most comfortable in writing a piece of.

Choosing the genre of your masterpiece is one, if not the most crucial part of writing. Some would make mistakes in choosing the genre for some reasons like, “This genre is popular”. But NO! Writing in a genre you’re not passionate about makes everything difficult and time consuming. Rather than doing it, do with what you are familiar with, or comfortable writing a story of. Trust me, from someone who is used to writing fantasy and thriller pieces, transitioning into romance and fluff isn’t an easy task. 

  1. Start with the beginning: Don’t.

Do not write a story with the beginning in your mind, since you’ll end up writing more than expected, and having extra information or scenes that won’t make sense in the book, or end up with boring fillers. What you can do is to start with the ending in mind, rather than the beginning. This way, you can plan ahead what to include as your climax and resolution.

  1. Know your characters.

Creating the perfect character in a book, or even in a short story, can get very intensive, and cumbersome. There should be research done if you’re going to make a character that isn’t native to you, or aren’t familiar with its culture and environment, and to make your character interesting, you should know everything about your character. This is essential in order not to create a generic or a basic character because for real, who wants to read a book where the main character has no life at all? Or in this sense, who would want a villain with a generic backstory?

  1. Create a complete story framework.

This is another basic idea but very important to every writer. Knowing how your story goes, how it starts and ends, along with the characters and their personalities is crucial to making a plot with no loopholes and extra fillers that will make your book boring. 

  1.  Lastly, abandoning your book halfway through.

If you’re thinking about publishing your book in the future, make sure that you won’t desert if you feel like it, then don’t write anything at all! It defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? If you want to publish your book, then you must pour your heart into it, and don’t be lazy about it. 

There are still hundreds, even thousands of ways to write a story, or your book, but then again, in the end, it is you who’ll work the magic. So don’t be afraid, write it! If it doesn’t click the first time, you can always use that opportunity to improve. There’s always room for improvement! 

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